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The Succubus and The Job

In one of the fics, The Middleman said something like, "I am the job. If the choice ever comes between a personal life and the job, there's no decision. I choose the job." (Completely paraphrasing, as it was said much more eloquently than that.) I think that's a fair statement about The Middleman we've seen so far. The job first, then everything else. I think how The Middleman reacted to the news that Roxy was sending her girls out to track down the tuba backs supports that.

He's very sure that Roxy is reformed. In The Accidental Occidental Conception, he told Wendy that Roxy is reformed. Beyond his statement, he wouldn't have been at Famouse in the first place if he believed that Roxy was still up to her old tricks. He may have been in a predicament that required quick thinking and immediate action, but he wouldn't have had Roxy on speed dial in the first place if he believed that she would double-cross him. He relied on her information. He trusted that she was giving him good information and that she wasn't working any nefarious, shady deals that would lead her to lie to him.

The Middleman trusted Roxy to send him and Wendy to the Underworld. He pretty much trusted her with his life, Wendy's life, and the fate of the world. He had no control over what Roxy did once he was in the Underworld. If Roxy decided she was done being good, she could have closed the doors and left them there. But he trusted that Roxy would get them to and from the Underworld as safely as possible. He believed that ultimately, Roxy was on his side – the good side. They were allies.

In The Cursed Tuba Contingency, he found out that Roxy was after the Titanic tuba. The second he found out that she was involved, he chose the job. They were no longer allies (or tortured lovers in some soap opera back story I should really make up). She wasn't reformed, she wasn't an ally, and she wasn't a resource. It was very black and white: He was saving the world and she was destroying it. To save the world, he would destroy her. To him, it became that simple. She was the enemy so he went after her.

I think his reaction to her explanation (that she was going to find the tuba but wasn't necessarily planning on doing anything wicked with it) was interesting, too. He seemed hurt that she didn't come to him with the information. However deeply their relationship exists in the Middleworld, it seems like it would be very one-sided. As allies, he needs her help, but why would she need his? She's got her book of magic tricks and her troop of barely reformed soul-sucking demons. Besides that, she probably doesn't have to deal too much with exotic problems, short of keeping her interns on the reformation path. The tuba fell in her lap and she recognized how valuable it would be. She had the resources to go after it herself. Why would she have needed his help? She planned on keeping the tuba for herself, but even if she hadn't, I don't think she would have told him about it as a professional courtesy, either.

If they have/had a relationship at some point of some sort, I think it would be even more one-sided. We don't know the Middleworld's take on how exactly being a reformed succubus affects Roxy, but even if she's capable of being monogamous, she doesn't seem like she'd be interested in it. She's comfortable being the person in charge, running the show, and I don't think it'd be easy for her to release some of that control to another person. If she has hooked up with MM, she probably wouldn't let it go beyond that. He would challenge her too much. It seems like no strings would be her M.O.

From what we've seen of The Middleman, he falls hard and fast. It took, what, 4 conversations? And then he was in all sorts of love with Lacey. Maybe it's a symptom of his lifestyle – he's first and foremost the job. I don't really think it's possible for him to have a 'normal' personal life since he really wouldn't have any time for it. We've seen that Wendy has a little bit of time, though it does put a strain on her relationships (especially with Lacey). I don't think The Middleman even has that little bit of time. I think that there are probably lots of little "problems" he solves without calling her in because they aren't particularly difficult to clean up and because he wants to make sure she does have her own time before she takes his spot and has to be the job at all times.

Even if you're suited for being alone (and some people are), at times, it would still be lonely. Even if he does have personal life, I think it would be tough for him because he would have to constantly lie about his job and he would be putting the other person in jeopardy. Also, how many Middlemen make it to retirement, anyway? He knows the risk he faces and he must know that he doesn't have much time. The clock is ticking for The Middleman. After all, he is human and I think most of us wouldn't mind being loved and having someone to love.

I think it's possible that the inherent danger of his job and the emptiness in his life (however necessary he feels it is) would make him prone to feeling things more deeply than perhaps he should. If he were involved with Roxy at some point, I can imagine that he would harbor deeper feelings for her even as he agrees to no strings. He's still human and we all make bad choices once in a while, even when we know the choice is going to leave us brokenhearted.

I think they definitely have a back story. What's really telling to me is the way she seemed to throw off his game a little bit. After she explained why she was involved with the tuba caper, he stopped being angry and had a little pout instead. That gave her the chance to get close to him and even though he took a couple of steps back, she didn't back off.

She's a succubus (reformed or not) and she would have gotten pretty good at getting her way – whether by seduction or force. Closing in on his personal space was a tactic on her part and she had to have known that he would let her do that. How many other potentially dangerous backstabbing enemies would have gotten close enough to turn off the bomb he's holding?


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Sep. 28th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
This is actually really interesting. MM doesn't have a personal life, and he doesn't even really seem to have any hobbies, other than cowboy movies, and he never even gets to finish them. It'd be interesting to see what kind of toll that could take on a person. There's a difference between liking your job and being the job, and, even if you're suited to that type of life, it's bound to get to you.

Damn it, now I have plot bunnies. :P
Sep. 28th, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
I really wish that Roxy would have appeared more in the series... There are so many questions about her that need to be answered...

I especially would love to know what made her decide to reform herself and other succubi and incubi.... And what brought MM and her together in the first place...

Hoping for season 2!

Queen of the Succubi
Sep. 30th, 2008 03:18 am (UTC)
However deeply their relationship exists in the Middleworld, it seems like it would be very one-sided. As allies, he needs her help, but why would she need his?

It's not so much a reflection of MM and Roxy's personal relationship, but I imagine O2STK pays its "consultants" well. She looks up info about the terra cotta warrior after agreeing to her "usual fee", so maybe there some financial or other resource incentive. Oooh, maybe O2STK had something to do directly or indirectly with Roxy initially setting up her halfway house.
Oct. 3rd, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)
Oh, the money! That ruins everything! Well, not really, but that explains what's in it for her when she consults. I wonder how Roxy got out of the soul-sucking business in the first place. If O2STK (or any of the previous Middlemen...) had anything to do with it, I'm sure they wouldn't take no for an answer.
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